Research at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute


‘Don’t explain your philosophy.  Embody it’.


Fields of Research

This page presents an overview of research at the MGI and lists the current research interests of the MGI’s academic staff, regrouped by School.

The MGI welcomes research collaboration and provides research supervision to postgraduate students in fields related to Asian languages and Indian Studies, Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Visual Arts, Philosophy, History, Mauritian Studies, Cultural Studies and Chinese Studies.

After more than fifty years of academic and cultural excellence, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute has paved its way as one of the apex Institutes of the educational landscape in Mauritius and has developed into a complex organization with responsibilities covering both Higher Education, research and publication, preservation and dissemination of heritage and contribution to national policy initiatives spanning both academic and cultural areas.

The Centre of Quality Assurance has been established since 2007 and the Centre for Research in 2020. 

Research areas cut across five Tertiary Schools, namely:

  • The School of Indian Studies
  • The School of Performing Arts
  • The School of Fine Arts
  • The School of Indological Studies, and
  • The School of Mauritian and Area Studies.

The Institute is well-established in the humanities, arts and social sciences, with expertise in language curricula, history, human and physical geography, arts-related fields such as cultural policy, arts management amongst others.  Such areas constitute priority research areas for the Mahatma Gandhi Institute and inform the development of new programmes of studies and the review of existing programmes of studies.

Supporting Research activity

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute houses the UNESCO-listed Indian Immigration Archives, the Folk Museum of Indian Immigration with a continually growing collection of artefacts and digital materials, a specialized Library for languages and culture, a mediatheque with a collection of original institutional audio and video materials,  the Panini Language Laboratory and a large repository of primary sources of information on its premises with the view of offering optimum opportunity to students and established scholars.

The Research Policy Framework is the essential document underpinning research activity, and demonstrates the Institute’s commitment to enhance research, creativity and innovation, and their impact on economic and societal development.  The Research Policy Framework is supported by two guiding documents, the Integrity and Ethics Policy and the Funding Policy, which act as pillars to safeguard regulatory compliance and intellectual property.

These documents address policy, technical, practical and ethical questions that have to be considered by scholars at the start of  the research journey.

The list of Research themes hereunder provides information on the expertise acquired by academic staff of the Institute and in which they can lead research projects. 



Research Themes / Research Interests

Academic Staff

School of Mauritian & Area Studies

Folklore & Oral Traditions

Media and Intangible Cultural Heritage

Bhojpuri Language and Culture

Subject Didactics with Education

Folk Literature and Hindi Literature

Media Studies, Communication and    Journalism

Dr G. Bissessur (Arvind)


Discourse Analysis of Bhojpuri songs in Mauritius

Bhojpuri Culture and Traditions in Mauritius

Mr J Dawosing

Gender Issues

Contemporary Mauritian Society

Work-related problems/issues

Diabetes Type II and Nutrition patterns

Mrs Beebeejaun-Muslum Zareen Nishaat

Twenty-first century Mauritian literature

·History and memories of Indentured labourers

Cultural studies and postcolonialism

Feminism and Literary theories


Mrs. Anisha Badal- Caussy

Impact assessment of climate variability and change

Education in disaster risk reduction

Community vulnerability and resilience

Ms H.Neerunjun



Research Themes / Research Interests

Academic Staff

School of Fine Arts

Artistic Research and Practice-Led Research

History of Mauritian visual arts and Mauritian visual culture

Postcolonial visual culture and theories

Cultural policy & Arts Management

Art and Crafts of the Global South

Digital Arts’ impact on the traditional mediums

New media

Dr. Hans Ramduth, 

Design and Communication Department

Brands and CSR

Story telling as a Brand Experience

Brand management on Social Media

Advertising- a creative economy

Graphic Design as value creation in Art curation

Ms. Nooreen Lalmamode,

Design and Communication Department 

Traditional animation techniques

CG animation

Fiction and non-fiction in animation

Virtual reconstruction of tangible and intangible cultural heritage

Use of AR/VR/ MXR in Cultural Heritage

Open source software for design and animation

Mrs. Leena Ramduth,

Design and Communication Department

Modeling for the CG and game industry

Digital sketching and sculpting

Game industry and globalisation

Mr. Voshan Pathareddy,

Design and Communication Department

Practice-based artistic research

On nation-building and Identity formation

The research will examine theories raised by artworks produced in relation to notions of Identity, migration, multiculturalism and nationhood.

The research will express both aesthetic concerns and theoretical thoughts

Mr. Krishna Luchoomun,

Painting Department

“Everything old is new again” – Reclaiming, refurnishing and reusing discarded materials for sustainable design projects.

Addressing the issues of obsolescence and waste through up-cycling

Mr. Gerard Foy,

Painting Department

Artistic Research & Practice-Led Research

Contemporary Art practices including painting and installation

Bridging theoretical/ conceptual issues and praxis with our regional context

Curatorial practices

Feminist theories and praxis

Artist as social and historical interpreter

Ms Nirveda Alleck,

Painting Department

Printmaking Techniques and Popular & Fine printmaking

Evolution of traditional printmaking in relation to print technologies

Feminist issues in printmaking media

Impact of screen printing on visual culture

Printmaking as an expanding field in contemporary art

Ms. Veemanda Curpen,

Printmaking Department

Sculpture using scrap metal

Public sculpture practices

Site specific sculptures

Handicraft in Mauritius

Sculpture ice contemporary medium

Mr. Nirmal Hurry

Installation using various materials

Teracotta technique

Craft works

Site specific sculptures

Commissioned works

Mrs. Nalini Gopaul


Research Themes / Research Interests

Academic Staff

School of Indian Studies

Ideologies in Urdu Literature

Role of language in the curriculum

Film Studies

Applied linguistics for language and literature teaching

Orientalism and Urdu Studies


Assoc Prof. Dr B A A Ramtally,

Head, School of Indian Studies

Mauritian Hindi Literature

Curriculum development and creation of OERs

Culture, Arts & Creativity

Teaching of Hindi as a Second Language

Innovative Teaching Pedagogies

Assoc Prof. Dr K Goodary,

Department of Hindi Studies


Medieval and Modern Hindi Literature (Poetry, Drama)

Mauritian Hindi Literature (Poetry & Drama)

Indian Diaspora Studies

Translation Studies

Assoc Prof Dr (Miss) R Gobin,

Department of Hindi Studies

Mauritian Hindi Literature

Women Discourse in Hindi Literature

Medieval Hindi Literature

Dr (Mrs) L Jhummun,

Department of Hindi Studies

Hindi: Second language Teaching and Learning

Mauritian Hindi Literature

Modern Hindi Poetry

Hindi Studies in the Indian Diaspora

Dr A Chintamunnee,

Department of Hindi Studies


Second Language teaching & learning

Indian & Mauritian Hindi Fiction

Indian & Mauritian Hindi Journalism

Women Discourse in Hindi Literature

Dr K K Jha,

Department of Hindi Studies


Mauritian & Diaspora Hindi Literature

Techno-Pedagogical aspects of Hindi Language

Comparative Studies in Literature

Media and Film Studies

 Hindi Language in International context


Mr G Sooklall,

Department of Hindi Studies

Translation Studies

Indian Diaspora Studies

Dr (Mrs) T Beeharry-Pudaruth,

Department of Hindi Studies

Gender Issues

Hindi Literature: Fiction and Modern Poetry

Hindi Second Language Teaching

 Dr (Mrs) A Dunputh,

Department of Hindi Studies

Marathi Language and Literature

Mauritian Marathi Literature,

Mauritian folk literature, and Culture

 Dr (Mrs) M Koonjul,

Department of Marathi Studies

Culture and Society in Ancient Tamil Literature

Mrs S Manikkam,

Department of Tamil Studies

Tamil Language and Culture in Mauritius

Dr (Mrs) U Allaghery,

Department of Tamil Studies

Tamil Studies

Tamil Cultural Identity

Dr (Mrs) K Mooneegadoo,

Department of Tamil Studies

Language and Grammar


Comparative Study of Languages

 Mr S Narayanapillai,

Department of Tamil Studies

Teaching/Learning of language and literature

Indian Diaspora Studies

Quality Assurance matters in Higher Education

Applied Linguistics (sociolinguistics and ethnolinguistics)

Tamil language, literature, culture and folklore

 Assoc Prof Dr J  Chemen,

Head, Centre for Quality Assurance

Telugu Language - Language Interference and Code-switching

Teaching of Telugu as second Language in Mauritius

Telugu Folklore - Indian and Mauritian contexts

Telugu language and ICT

Slam/Free verse writing in Telugu

 Dr (Mrs) R. Dalliah,

Department of Telugu Studies

A critical enquiry between poetry and human existence with reference to Madhabhushi Sampath Kumar's poems"

Dr (Mrs) Pravashi Chinniah,

Department of Telugu Studies

The Literary and Linguistic Development of Urdu In Mauritius

Dr A Allymamod,

Department of Urdu Studies

Patriarchy in Urdu Novels

Mrs S. Rasmally,

Department of Urdu Studies

Sexuality in Urdu Short Stories

Mrs. Z. Joomun,

Department of Urdu Studies

Urdu Fiction with particular reference to Q. Haider

Urdu Language Pedagogy

Comparative literature

 Dr (Mrs) N. Jaffoo Khan,

Department of Urdu Studies

Comparative Study of Urdu Textbooks with reference to first and second language situations

Mrs M Ally Jaun

The Short Stories of Premchand 

Mrs R Maraye

Socio-Linguistics and Phonology

Second Language Teaching & Learning

Language, Folklore & Culture

Classical Telugu Literature

 Assoc Prof (Dr) R Appadoo,

Head, Language Resources Centre

Translation studies

ICT and Second Language Teaching ·

Comparative study of Mauritian and Indian Hindi Short Stories Post Independence / Sociolinguistics

Folklore & Cultural Studies

 Dr (Ms) S Ancharaz,

Language Resources Centre



Research Themes / Research Interests

Academic Staff

School of Indological Studies

Contemporary Sanskrit Grammar & Literature

Indology (Ayurveda, Saivism and Culture) ·

Environmental Ethics

Translation ·

Comparative Study (Sanskrit and Hindi Literature in medieval period (Poetry and Drama).

Mr. Kewal Nayeck


Philosophy of Language ·

Intercultural Philosophy ·

Western Philosophy ·

Contemporary Hinduism ·

Symbolic Logic

Assoc. Prof Dr.(Mrs.) V M Hurdoyal-Chekhori

Contemporary Sanskrit Grammar

Mrs. K D Ramjatton

Philosophy of Religion. Sāṅkhya-Yoga Philosophy ·

Vedānta (Advaita) Philosophy

Indological Studies (Indian history, arts, religion and culture) ·

Origins and Development of Philosophical thinking in Mauritius ·

Ethics Education.

Dr. R K Dabee

Sanskrit Literature in medieval period

Mr. V Puteea

Applied Ethics ·

Comparative Philosophy ·

Social & Political Philosophy ·

Philosophy of Education.

Mr. R Boodnah

Philosophy of Bhagavata Gita


Chinese Philosophy

Philosophy of Rāmāyana

Environmental Ethics and Vedic Spirituality

Miss Rajshree Beneymadoo

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of the Vedas

Philosophy of Heterodox Schools


Philosophy of Education.

Mrs. Vanisha Beedasy



Research Themes / Research Interests

Academic Staff

School of Performing Arts

Indian Classical Dance

Kathak Dance

Creativity within Classical forms of Indian Dance

Management and Performing Arts

Performing Arts and IP Law

Dr (Mrs) P M Purgus,

Department of Dance (Kathak)


Compositional Work and Choreography in Bharata Natyam with Special Reference to Teermanams.

Bharata Natyam: Theory, Performance and Practices.

Pedagogy, Curriculum Development, Assessment and Evaluation in Dance (Bharata Natyam).

Spiritual Aspects in Nritta and Nritya Components of Bharata Natyam.

Aesthetics in Contemporary Bharata Natyam Performances.

Ms Sachita Dabee,

Department of Dance (Bharat Natyam)

The Evolution of Teaching of Indian Classical Dance, Bharata Natyam

The Technique of Nritya in the Bharata Natyam Repertoire

The Comparative Study of Indian Classical Dance Styles

The Techniques of Bharata Natyam and How They Differ in Each Bāni

Mrs Sattyavani Baloonuck Mattabaddul,

Department of Dance (Bharat Natyam)

Historical Study of Indian Dance

Classical Dances of India

Evolution of Kuchipudi Dance as an Art Form

Study of Expression in Indian Classical Dances

The Natya Aspect in Kuchipudi Dance

 Ms Nalini Totiah,

Department of Dance (Kuchipudi)

Arts/ Performing Arts in Education: Specific to Dance

Indian Arts / Performing Arts in Philosophy: Specific to Dance

Management in Arts / Performing Arts

Arts /Performing Arts and Multiculturality

Dance History & Practice-Based Research:  Bharata Natyam, Kuchipudi & Indian and Mauritian Folk Dances

Dr Sheilana Devi  Ramdoo,

Department of Dance (Bharat Natyam)

Indian Music and Indian Diaspora

Carnatic and Tamil Music

Mauritian Cultural Heritage

Interculturality and World Music

Voice Culture in Carnatic Music

 Assoc. Prof, Dr A S Peruman, OSK 

Department of Vocal Music

Hindustani Vocal Music: Raga-Sangita Voice Culture, Voice Application and Aesthetics

Cultural Policy: Cultural & Economic Values, Cultural Industries, Cultural Diplomacy and Cultural Tourism

Practice-based Research

Audience Development Creative Audience and Digital Performance

Curriculum Development and Music Pedagogy

 Dr S K Pudaruth,

Assoc. Prof,

Department of Vocal Music 

Compositional work in Hindustani Music

Raga Development in Different Gharanas

Voice Culture in Indian Music

Aesthetics in Indian Music


Dr (Mrs) A Seewoogoolam,

Department of Vocal Music

Compositional Work:

Fusion Music: Western and Indian

Comparative Study of Cultural Artifacts

Technical Ornaments and Embellishments in Gharanas of Vocal Music.

Dr (Mrs) P M Hungsraz,

Department of Vocal Music

Hindustani Raag -s: Structure and Development

Comparative Study of Indian and Western Scale

Aesthetics in Compositional Work

Music Pedagogy and Curriculum

 Mr S S Mungroo,

Department of Vocal Music

Hindustani Music: Raag Sangita and the Tala System

The Development and Evolution of Musical Instruments and Instrumental Music

Manufacture and Repair of Musical Instruments in the Chordophone Group.

Aesthetics of Music: Indian and Western

Fusion Music

Dr D Ramkalawon,

Head, School of Performing Arts

History of Music in Mauritius

The Impact of Indian Classical Music in Mauritius

The Development of Violin in Mauritius with Special Reference to Indian Music.

Instrumental Music Pedagogy with Reference to Violin

Dr R K Deerpaul,

Department of Stringed Instruments

South Indian Rhythmology

Evolution of Music in Mauritius.

Qualitative Research and Constructivist Grounded Theory 

Mr P Goorimoorthee,

Department of Percussion Instruments

The Art of Tabla Rhythm: Performance and

Musicology; Aesthetics of Indian Rhythm and Ethnomusicology (Percussive Folk Instruments of Mauritius).

Sociology of Music; Comparative Study of Gharanas of Tabla:  Evolution, Styles, Techniques, Traditional Compositions, and Exponents.

Music Curriculum and Instructional Materials Design, Music Pedagogy, Assessment and Quality Assurance in Music Teaching and Learning.

Comparative Study of Music Education Systems.

Mr K Mantadin,

Department of Curriculum Development

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