Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


Membership of the Library is open to:

  • All registered students of the Institute
  • All Staff of the Institute including part-time staff members and Visiting Lecturers/Professors
  • Members of the public over the age of 18

Registration Procedure

Persons who wish to be registered as members of the MGI Library should fill in the prescribed registration forms and complete the necessary formalities.

The number of Library tickets issued for borrowing books are as follows:

Registered Students (MA, BA & Diploma) - 3 tickets

Academic Staff -3 tickets

Non-academic Staff -3 tickets

Teacher’s Diploma Primary (Asian Languages) - 2 tickets

PGCE Students - 2 tickets

Public Members* - Maximum 3 tickets

*Upon registration, members of the public are required to pay a deposit of Rs. 50.00 per Reader’s ticket (up to a maximum of three) and an annual subscription fee of Rs. 10.00.

Documents to be produced at the time of registration

  • Identity card or passport
  • Student pass (for students)
  • Letter of appointment for permanent staff
  • Employment contract for part-time staff
  • Proof of address (CWA or CEB Bill)

Note : Any change of address, phone numbers, mobile numbers and email address must be reported to the Library without delay.

Reader’s tickets are for the sole use of the individual to whom the cards have been issued and are not transferable. Library members must not lend their Reader’s Ticket to any other person to borrow books from the Library. Library facilities will be withdrawn for readers misusing their library cards.

Loss of Reader’s Ticket : In case a member loses his/her Reader’s Ticket, the member should immediately inform the Head, Library & Archives in writing and should apply for a duplicate ticket. A duplicate may then be issued following thorough verification after a period of one month.

Borrowing Procedure

Members must present their Readers Ticket each time library materials are borrowed and same will be returned when library materials are discharged.

Library materials shall not be removed from Library premises until these have been properly issued and recorded.

Books will be loaned for a period of 15 days and shall be returned promptly on or before the due dates. Sending of reminders is not obligatory for the Library.

The Head, Library & Archives is empowered to charge fines upon any library customer who fails to return any book within the loan period. The fine for each overdue book is two rupees for each day the book is overdue including Sundays and public holidays.

Books may be renewed only once for another period of 15 days provided that the books have not been requested for by another reader. Renewal of books should be made either personally or by post or by email or by phone, before the expired loan period.

The Head, Library & Archives can recall any book on loan if it is required in the library urgently.

Library Clearance Certificate: A Library Clearance Certificate will be issued by the Head, Library & Archives to student only after he/she has returned all Library books and settled all library dues.

Damage/Loss of Books: If any book is damaged or lost by the borrower, he/she will have to replace it by the latest edition of the title or pay the price of the book which will be determined by the Head of Library & Archives.

Periodicals, newspapers and reference books are generally not loaned out of the Library.

Reproduction of Library Materials

Photocopying Services

The MGI Library will make photocopies of materials in its collections available for research use. It performs such service solely for research in lieu of loan of materials.

Photocopies of extracts from books, periodicals, newspaper articles will be made on request, subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act.

Requests for photocopies should be on an immediate cash basis and the exact amount should be tendered. A receipt for the amount paid will be issued.

Photocopying fees are as follows:

A4 size single side                -           Rs.1.00 per copy

A4 size recto and verso       -           Rs.2.00 per sheet

A3 size single side                -           Rs.2.00 per copy

A3 size recto and verso       -           Rs.4.00 per sheet

Printing Services

The MGI Library will provide black and white printing service (A4 Size) for the students and registered library users.

The Library will run this service solely for research and academic purposes.

Each user will be allowed to print a maximum of 100 pages per day.

The Library will print only one copy of each document. If user will need additional copies, he/she will have to use our photocopying service.

Requests for printing facilities shall be on an immediate cash basis. A receipt will be issued for the amount paid.

The Printing fees are as follows:

A4 size single side                 -           Rs.2.00 per copy

A4 size recto and verso       -           Rs.4.00 per sheet

Conduct and Discipline

All library users should sign the register when they enter and leave the Library

Library materials should be handled with care. No writings upon, alterations, markings and mishandling of library materials will be allowed.

No adhesive labels, notes and tapes should be left inside library books.

Silence must be observed in the Library and mobile phones must be put on silent mode.

Personal laptops may be used subject that prior authorization has been obtained from library staff.

Good order must be observed in the Library. Eating, smoking, sleeping and using abusive languages and gestures will not be allowed.

Library equipment should not be moved or changed without the permission from Library Staff.

Bags, briefcases, satchels, folders, umbrellas and overcoats should be left in the luggage area outside the Library. The Mahatma Gandhi Institute Library will not be responsible for personal items that are lost, stolen or damaged on Library premises.

Library Staff reserves the right to inspect all items and personal property of customers when entering or leaving the Library.

The Head of Library and Archives reserves the right to cancel membership of a user on the basis of misconduct.


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