School of Indological Studies

School of Indological Studies

School of Indological Studies


In line with the core mission of the Institute, the School of Indological Studies aims at providing a unique way of addressing Indian Thought, Ethics and Culture, while building an interface between modern academia and traditional Indian modes of knowledge transmission. The School of Indological Studies primarily focuses on teaching/learning and research in the areas of Classical Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy, Epistemology, Epic Literature, Sanskrit and Indology. It also contributes in the sustenance of the moral and cultural fabric of the nation. The Department of Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy and Hindu Theology was set up in 1991 with a view to mounting and running courses in Indian Philosophy and Sanskrit to prepare in the first instance, teachers in these areas. It was in 2008 that the Department expanded into the School of Indological Studies with three inter-related Departments namely, Department of Philosophy, Department of Sanskrit and Department of Indology. The former Heads of Schools have been Dr. P S Roodurmun and Dr. (Mrs.) P Ragoobar.


  • To cater for the national and regional needs in the fields of Philosophy, Sanskrit, Indology and Theology.
  • To contribute in the moral, spiritual and cultural up-liftment of the country through academic and cultural programmes.
  • To mount DE Courses in Indian Culture, Epic Studies, Sanskrit and Comparative Philosophy.
  • To promote the centrality of philosophical/logical thinking.
  • To organize Talks, Seminars, Conferences, Round Table Discussions related to national issues and for the better dissemination of Intercultural Thought and Values.
  • To actively involve youth in activities pertaining to promotion of peace, human rights, social cohesion, values and personal development.
  • To develop Life Long Learning Programmes.
  • To encourage academics and students to undertake research on themes that are of national interest and regional interest.
  • To Provide consultancy services (facilities).
  • To contribute in promoting better quality of life in terms of values, spirituality and critical thinking.
  • To develop a new multidisciplinary approach to Indological Studies that creates a discourse between Indian and Western Traditions.


  • Department of Philosophy
  • Department of Sanskrit
  • Department of Indology


The School benefits from the expertise of the ICCR Chair in Sanskrit & Indian Philosophy under an MoU with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.
  • Prof Piyali Palit
  • Prof Ramesh Bharadwaj
  • Prof Devendranath Tiwari
  • Prof Abha Singh


Department of Philosophy

  • M.A. Indian Philosophy (P/T)
  • B.A. (Hons) Indian Philosophy (F/T)
  • B.A. (Hons) Indian Philosophy (P/T)
  • Diploma in Indian Philosophy (P/T)
  • PGCE in Hinduism (in collaboration with MIE)
  • Certificate Course in Gandhian and Peace Studies (GPS)
  • Certificate in Behavioral and Professional Ethics (BPE)

Department of Sanskrit

  • M.A. Sanskrit (P/T)
  • B.A. (Hons) Sanskrit (P/T)
  • Diploma in Sanskrit (P/T)
  • Foundation Course in Sanskrit (P/T)
  • Basic Course in Sanskrit (P/T)
  • Beginners’ Course in Sanskrit (P/T)

Department of Indology

  • Certificate Course in Ayurveda and Yoga Awareness
  • Stand Alone Module: The Philosophy of Vedic Chanting
  • Basic Course in Vastu
  • Philosophy of Bhāgvatam


  • International Day of Yoga
  • Sanskrit Dinam
  • UNESCO World Philosophy Day
  • ICCR Lecture
  • Regular Talks on issues affecting the daily life on the Mauritian Society

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