Centre For Quality Assurance

Centre For Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is gaining incremental importance in Higher Education. The Mahatma Gandhi Institute which is providing Higher Education to the student population in Mauritius is also required to provide high quality education and as such this institution has been called upon to set up a Centre for Quality Assurance which will monitor quality in all the services it provides to the public and to develop a culture of quality in the Tertiary Sector.

The Centre for Quality Assurance falls under the purview of the Director-General (MGI & RTI). This office was set up in November 2007.It was then called Quality Assurance Unit. Since November 2007, a Coordinator for Quality Assurance was nominated to set up Quality Assurance mechanisms, assist academic departments to set up Quality Assurance procedures, prepare Self-Assessment Report and carry out other duties related to Quality Assurance.

The Centre for Quality Assurance is responsible for ensuring good governance structures and procedures at the MGI. It also looks at the extent to which procedures reflect best practices and make proposals for improvement. It identifies practices in relation to the maintenance of academic standards and make appropriate recommendations at the level of the Central Quality Assurance Committee.

The Centre for Quality Assurance has the following publications namely:

• Quality Assurance Handbook for Students

• Student Charter

• Quality Audit Report 2008

• Quality Audit Report 2014

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