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Expression of Interest (document-archiving-solution-for-mgi-registry)




The Mahatma Gandhi Institute hereby invites companies/firms and individuals to express their interest for:



The Confidential Registry of the Central Administration is a repository of all the important documents which are stored and archived manually. Due to lack of space, the Confidential Registry has archived a stock of documents in two physical containers. The documents are filed in a virtual sort of cabinet where each cabinet is classified according to alpha numeric references.   

The project consists of two phases:


Thoroughly analyse the needs of the Institute for the document retrieval from the storage containers (all stored files in the storage containers are earmarked for document preservation, indexing and scanning).

Assess the existing state of the records and survey the files for document cleaning.

Indexing of the records for computerisation after cleaning after quality control exercise is carried out.


Digitise the records by scanning and uploading the documents on a Document Management System to facilitate document indexing and retrieval.

Submission of Request: The expression of interest and all documentation shall be submitted in sealed envelopes marked: “Document Preservation, Scanning and Indexing a Stock of    Documents at Confidential Registry of Central Administration

and shall be deposited in the Quotation Box No 3 at the following address: Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Moka on or before Thursday 10 October 2019 at 14.00 hours.

·         Electronic submission shall not be permitted.

·         Late submission will be rejected. Proposals will be opened on Thursday 10 October 2019 at 14.00 hours

·         Prices should not be submitted at this stage.

·         Any query/ies on the project shall be addressed to the Director General (MGI & RTI) in writing at the address mentioned and should be submitted not later than 7 days prior to the closing of this expression of interest exercise.

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute reserves the right to accept or reject any interest expressed and to annul the whole Expression of Interest exercise without thereby incurring any liability whatsoever to any participant.

Additional Information

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute Act 1982 together with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute (Amendment) Act 2002 and the Rabindranath Tagore Institute Act 2002 have provided for the Mahatma Gandhi Institute and the Rabindranath Tagore Institute (located in an idyllic setting at Ilot in the northern part of the country) to function under one Council and one Director-General.  By broadening its scope, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute is well settled on its path to cater for the growing educational, academic and cultural demands of the country and to contribute to the regional role of Mauritius.

The MGI has a hybrid model of information retrieval, processing and archiving. While some correspondences are catered for via Email System, the majority of the filing system is paper based and on a manual basis. The confidential Registry of the Central Administration is a repository of all the important documents that staff process to dispatch and retrieve from all other departments of the MGI. This registry is a central place where external correspondences are also processed.

At present, the Confidential Registry has two physical containers storing archived documents. The documents are filed in a virtual sort of cabinet where each cabinet is classified according to a referenced value. The list of references is in the form of F3, F4.1.1, F4.1.5.1 etc. A complete list of closed files is enclosed for more details.

Each referenced cabinet stores box files containing set of documents which needs archiving. An Expression of Interest shall be launched (national and international bidding) to invite prospective bidders to perform the following operations: -

  1. Assess the existing state of records and survey the required files for archiving. Create and maintain a good track record for the documents selected for archiving.
  1. Thorough analysis the needs of the organization and recommending implementation packages of time-tested and proven technology that directly meets the needs of the organization.
  1. Provide comprehensive, cost-effective technical (hardware and software) solutions that are tailored for the MGI to archive the documents in the containers. Solutions must include high resolution scanning of documents and storage on a Network Attached Storage Solution for easy retrieval and indexing.
  1. Provide Document Archiving guidelines such as: -
  •  Providing a good documentation strategy, which should be implemented during the whole lifetime of the project.
  •  Creating a good file and folder structure from start to manage files, and archive your final results.
  •  Creating and documenting datasets used.
  •  Training and Documentation Guidance.
  •  Treatment of Confidential Information

Staff of the Confidential registry along with the document archiving bidder shall be responsible to keep confidential files and information in a separate archiving set where access is restricted by making use of password and meta data encryption for database storage.

  1. Availability of the MGI site

           Unless otherwise specified, the normal work hours of the Institute shall be on weekdays (Monday- Friday) 08:45 a.m to 16:00 hrs).

  1. Scope, Time and Budget

           Suppliers are required to submit a Project Plan with details of the costing, time frame for project completion (grant chart) and scope of works (work breakdown structure) with details of staff who would be allocated each task.

  1. Reputation and Warranty

          All firms wishing to participate in the expression of interest shall be valid national and international firms with proven track records and valid certificate of registration from relevant authorities.

 The project shall remain valid until the project completion. The supplier shall provide the relevant warranties (minimum 2 years) with a hardware and software maintenance agreement covering all the aspects in terms of hardware upgrades, software upgrades with patch administration and security features.

Certficate in Tour Guiding

Certificate in Tour Guiding
Intake August 2019
The Mahatma Gandhi Institute in collaboration with the Tourism Authority is inviting applications
from interested and suitably qualified candidates who are already working as Tourist Guides to enroll
on a two-year part-time course leading to a Certificate in Tour Guiding. The course will be
conducted by the Mahatma Gandhi Institute at the seat of the Institute, Moka.

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Communique srijan samman

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute Award for Creative Writing n Diaspora Hindi Literature – 3rd Edition (2020)

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute is pleased to invite participation from emerging writers in Hindi, of any age, of Indian Diasporic country, who have a publication history of not more than 15 years and who wish to be considered for the above Award. 

Download English Version  

Download Hindi Version 

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